8:00 pm City Amam

“Space” – Anamarija Mitrikjeska Kal’cheva / exhibition, acrylic on canvas

Theexhibition represents the inner space, as well as the space of the author in the universe (a parallel). The energy of people and their spiritual fields are depicted in colour. The game consists of the overlap and mixing of energies, but also in the determining by each for itself separately. The exhibition expresses the paradox of the complete freedom of spirit, simultaneously mixed with neatness, strictness, and precision. Both contrasts end without limitations. At the same time, in certain works, it depicts also the cosmic universal chaos, the inner spiritual chaos, as well as the outside earthly one. The works depict the different energy bodies that can be seen throughout the cosmos. The concentric circles, spirals, and symbols prevail. The circle symbolises a principle without a start and finish, it represents the whole visible world and the never-ending process. The geometric part seemingly represents neatness, strictness, and precision, but, at the same time, it opens up the human’s inner world. The geometric bodies are in fact yantras – symbolic replies of the cosmos in a microcosm. The yantra expresses the forces that reign in the cosmos at a macro-level, which are identical to the forces that reign within every human at a micro-level. The individual and the universal are in fact one, similarly to the principles of holograms. The yantra is a sheer geometric shape, which directs our energy towards the middle, while its function is to lead us to the centre itself. It is a reflection of the universe within us. The geometric shapes are also related to the subconsciousness. The centre of the yantra is a source of energy and middle of creativity. The symbols are part of our subconsciousness, which state the human’s deep connection to goodness and beauty. The abstract part and unconnected lines represent the freedom and chaos throughout the universe, but also freedom and chaos of the human’s soul, together with inner emotional and psychological states. The chaos in the universe is in fact harmony and freedom. But are we powerful to collect our chaotic thoughts so that we can live in a world like the one we desire?

Anamarija Mitrikjeska Kal’cheva was born in Skopje in 1985. She completed secondary school studies in Skopje and then continued faculty studies in Florence. She got a Master’s degree in 2013 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, at the Department of Costume Design and High Fashion. After that, she worked for several years as a costume designer and then started to paint. Currently, she works as a fine arts teacher. She has had one independent exhibition and participated in multiple group ones.  

09:00 pm Location – Old Green Market

“Inexperienced yet mature pareidolias” – Stefcho Stefanov / poetic performance

Elegy, patriotic lyric, scenic lyric, popular epic, eco-awareness, class sensibilisation, socio-politically engaged verse, campaign-versed orders, trade union-revolutionary propaganda and mono/poly/atheistic-awakening metre – will not be subject of Stefcho Stefanov’s poetic performance. Let those disappointed with this announcement not come to the event. At the poetic performance, the author will have around 50 minutes available to display in front of a crowd the way and the size of the victory he had over himself in the selection of auditive-visual poetic material with which he will fill those 50 minutes.

Key terms of the poetic material: inexperienced verse, passion, loving, desiring, taking clothes off, inner voices, passions, a dew of saliva when pronouncing angry verses, interaction, synaesthesia, passion, auto-reflexiveness, maniacally-modest exhibitionism, a subdermal smile… And passion.

Stefanov has authored five books, two of which are poetry, two of which are lexicons – glossaries of words and phrases from the Gevgelija dialect, and a novel.

“Trn (Thorn)” – Stole Angelov and Nikola Pijanmanov / projection of a documentary (48’)

The documentary “Thorn” is dedicated to the actor and civil fighter and activist Stojan Velkov Trn (Thorn). The film covers multiple stages of his life, but the most important one is the psychological overview of his inner world, a spiritual fight, which will in one part turn into a ruthless fight against the general evil. The film is divided into five parts. Earth, Silence, Theatre, Rebellion, and Home.

The directors of the film are Stole Angelov and Nikola Pijanmanov, Stole Angelov is the cinematographer and editor, while the screenplay is by Nikola Pijanmanov. The film score is by Stavro Angelakov. Stojan Velkov Trn (Thorn), Dejan Angelov, Sashe Urdovski, Vase Velkov, Isidora Velkova participate in the film.

“Eros and Thanatos” – Aleksandar Spasoski / projection of a short (7’4”)

(world premiere)

This video is a personal confession, but also inspiration of the author taken from the phenomenon of life and death. The scenes in the film are made from the backseat of a tram in Munich, travelling from one doctor to another and receiving treatment for the severe consequences resulting from a severe traffic accident of the author. The scenes are deliberately made upside down.  “Eros and Thanatos” is a metaphorical headline taken from Freud’s essay “Beyond the Pleasure Principle”. Freud’s theory about urges (Urtriebe) gives significance to the idea that there is an inherent principle of entropy, a tendency for life falling apart, known as urge for death or thanatos. Freud recognised a counter-balance tendency to maintain life, known as life urge or eros. This is the second episode of a video made under the headline “Flipped Stories” (the first episode is headlined “Marriage), started as a concept during the COVID pandemic in 2020.

Aleksandar Spasoski is visual and multimedia artist, who graduated from the Art Academy at Ss Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje in 1997, after which he obtained a degree from the Media Art Academy in Munich, Germany, under the mentorship of Prof. Klaus Vom Bruch, in 2008. He got a Master’s degree, with focus on synesthetic values of new media art. His artistic work includes an involvement in various projects such as conceptual art, painting, installations, art videos, sound, music, films, and documentaries.

“PC Busan” – Sasha Stanishikj / projection of a short (12’)

A short made in Busan, South Korea, as part of the three-week director’s residence of Sasha Stanishikj in the frames of the Inter-City film festival. The film was made in Korean, with a completely Korean crew. In the film, Sasha Stanishikj answers the question about what it means to live in the big and hustling-and-bustling Asian metropolis Busan is, where the new technology and old tradition co-exist shoulder to shoulder. In the film, the director depicts also another virtual Busan, where its residents can escape real life and be what they want. Sasha Stanishikj is the director. Choi Wonuk is director of photography, Lee Don Min is the editor, while the film score is by Vasana. The leads are Kim Min Woo, Park Ho Chen, Jeong Ji Young.

Sasha Sanishickj completed General and Comparative Literature studies and Film and TV Directing studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje, where he also got a Master’s degree. As a director, he has authored multiple shorts: “Mangava Disco Punk” (as part of the Skopje Remix omnibus), “A Myth about Sara”, “Down from Heaven”, “PC Busan” (made in South Korea). He works as a film and TV directing professor at the Europa Prima International Academy.

Blackstate – live + Dj set

Blackstate is the dark alter ego of Filip Tasevski – Fitz, a musician, lyricist, and performer with over 20 years of experience in the music industry, deeply rooted in the hardcore/punk scene.

In addition to his musical talents, Fitz is also a visual designer/artist, and it is this combination of skills that gives Blackstate his unique and compelling sound and notable live audio-visual performance.

Drawing on influences ranging from experimental electronica to synth pop and hardcore punk, Blackstate creates a sound that is both unforgettable and exciting, combining “cathartic instrumental experimentalism with grounding lyrics” that explore themes of love, loss, and the wrong values that plague modern society.

Through his music, Blackstate sinks into the emotional complexities of life in the 21st century, reflecting on the emptiness, anxiousness, and disillusionment that many people experience in a world that often prioritises superficiality over substance.


08:00 pm Gevgelija National Theatre

 “Evening Conversation” – Stefan Alievikj / literary drive

The conversion will perhaps be about the scariest dreams, about the most hideous bugs, about the most gigantic fig tree that grows somewhere in the south or about the fate peeking from the coffee sediment. We don’t know the murky waters in which Stefan and Stevo will seduce us (so, Stefan people at every step of the way), but be sure to come to the literary evening. Cross the threshold and enter the evening bus. It is not known where that bus is exactly going, but one thing is certain, it always carries us towards unprecedented things.

(literary hanging out with Stefan Alievikj, the conversation is led by Stefcho Stefanov)


“Superfluously” – Natasha Geleva / exhibition of photographs

The 30-photograph-cycle “Superfluously” deals with documenting structures falling apart, public structures that once served the community, but today are a testament to our negligence and lost values of solidarity, social and economic insecurity, a society that puts citizens last.

Facing the superfluity of these structures, at the same time, we face their internal condition, which, in a warning manner, in the spirit of nihilism, asks us to spare ourselves the illusions about these lost ideals. Because, very likely, it would be superfluous.

The headline reflects a pessimistic view on life in an urban environment, where structures that have been abandoned for years are standing, falling apart, turning into landfills and public toilets. In a fictional, alternate reality, they would be renovated or reutilised, but any hope about such a thing would be superfluous. As a counter-balance to that, there are a bunch of forcibly built new residential structures, at all kinds of improper locations, without parking lots, without room for movement of pedestrians, making life in the city less and less bearable.

Natasha Geleva was born in 1978 in Prilep. She’s been engaged in photography since 1999 and has had several group exhibitions in Macedonia and abroad, as well as several independent exhibitions. In addition to photography, she’s engaged in video.

“Cognition” – Marija Kjornakova / exhibition of drawings and graphic arts

The aspiration towards the spiritual through the organic rhythm of all things and the intuitive cognition about the subjective truth of occurences.

Works that show the “savagery of feelings”, the time within us when, at the moment of cognition, the past, present, and future intertwine, without mutual borders and obstacles. The difference between our external “me” that belongs to the intellectual and social sphere and our inner, original “me”, which is not determined and is in deep harmony with our inner time, carrying the stamp of instincts.

The intuition, which only senses and announces phenomena, leaving unsaid things to form themselves, to be created under veil of mystique.

“Aiii! Art” – Matej Bogdanovski/ promotion of art-book (collaged art)

“Aiii! Art” is a book, a collection of illustrations and short stories, which comically comments the absurd everyday life presented in media, which, it’s as though they are redacted by some software of a broad language model.

Matej Bogdanovski was born on 19 December 1979. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, painting, in 2003 and got a Master’s degree at the same Faculty in 2008. He exhibits at multiple independent and group exhibitions in the country and abroad. In addition to painting, he engages in comic books. He’s the author and publisher of the following editions: “Kshshc”, “Patentalija and Tentelina”, “A Clear 10”, “Street” – a comic book adaptation of a Slavko Janevski novel, “Stray Dog and Rat”. He’s the author of the books: “Skopje, You will Be Joy”, “Stories from Strangeland”, and “City Children”.

“BOSH Sculpture” – Aleksandar Janev / sculpture

The sculpture will be purposefully made for the jubilee edition of BOSH. The technic is walnut tree combined with metal. In his works, the author uses quite some symbols because the history of the symbols itself confirms that every object can get value from the standpoint of symbol, whether it’s a natural one (rock, stem, flower, fruit) or an abstract one (geometric shape, number, rhythm). He doesn’t deal with repainting nature, but rather with expression of the own experiencing of nature. He supports the idea that what nature has given to us should be used to create an artistic work. In his work, tree, metal, and colour are primary.

Aleksandar Janev was born in 1987 in Gevgelija. In 2011, he graduated from Ss Cyril and Methodius University, Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje, Department of Sculpture with Graphic Design, in the class of Professor Bedi Ibrahimi. He lives and works in Gevgelija as a fine arts teacher. He’s been a member and President of the Society of Artists in Gevgelija and member of the Multimedia Centre in Gevgelija since 2009. He’s had several independent exhibitions. He’s participated in multiple group exhibitions and he’s been part of multiple fine art colonies.

“I See You!!! …Differently…” –  Faculty of Fine Arts students / exhibition of photographs

 (Act, body, experiment)

We’re thrilled that we can present an exceptional exhibition that enters the human form’s essence itself. Embarking on a journey through the lens of photography, we invite you to dive into a visual symphony that tries to discover the enigmatic beauty of the human body. By using an interaction of light, shadow, and perspective, the student photographs skilfully orchestrate a complex dance between the artistic interpretation and experimentality.

This exhibition, headlined, “I See You! …Differently…”, offers a different observation and examining spirit that simultaneously challenges our perception and encourages us to admire the miracles that define our existence.


A presentation of short videos – first-year students within the Fundamentals of Digital Technology subject at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje.

“The Hip” – Jane Altiparmakov / projection of a feature film (93’)

The Hip-Brainstorm is a continuation, a sort of documentary amendment to the feature DVD video edition “The Hip-Reality Overdrive”. The feature video/film is directed and produced by Jane Altiparmakov, while Ljubisha Petrushevski is the author of the original idea. Mihail Dimitrov is the producer and editor, while sound design is by Valentin Vidovikj. Natasha Geleva is director of photography, while Anja Ilieva is the camera operator. Zoran Chanevski and Dimitar Ilievski, too, worked on the editing. Vasko Atanasovski, (Bernays Propaganda, Balkan Veliki), Tosho Filipovski – author of the first all-encompassing Macedonian rock encyclopaedia, Sasha Pavlovikj (Suns), Ivica Dimitrievikj (SIZ), Mirko Popov (PMG Kolektiv), Kostadin Shurbanovski (Kanal 103), Sead Hadjikj (Last Expedition, Mooger Fooger) members of the band The Hip, Morbid Joker, Muzicka Mladina appear in the film. There is exclusive editing into this film of archive recordings of the performances of Elektricni Orgazam, Ekaterina Velika, the legendary Nirvana, Psychic TV, Buzzcocks, Sonic Youth, Young Gods.

Jane Altiparmakov, born on 14 August 1977, studied Philosophy at Ss Cyril and Methodius University, Culturological Studies at Euro College, and got a degree in film and TV directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje. A film worker, music observer, and critic/art theorist. He has authored around 100 texts from the field of film, independent music scene, and culture, published in multiple domestic magazines, daily newspapers, and portals. A perennial music associate within the independent Kanal 103 radio station. As director and producer, he has been part of multiple documentaries, short forms, and videos. A winner of the award for outstanding contribution and development of the Macedonian alternative scene (“The Hip-Reality Overdrive”) and of the special award for a musical film (“The Hip-Brainstorm”). He also works as a photo-documentarist.

10:30 pm Location – Old Green Market

FIJUK Macedonia / fair of independent publishers

FIJUK is a fair of independent publishers, FIJUK is an idea that is spreading in our region at the speed of a Macedonian train. Slowly, yet stably. Following FIJUK Skopje, we look forward to seeing you at BOSH, traditionally, for the fourth time. Independent publishers of new ideas, carried out in different material forms, graphic arts, billboards, posters, music, maps, art-books, photographs or monotypes. FIJUK is a space for encounters, exchanges, conversations, loves and likings, where you will find that piece of happiness you’ve been looking for so long. 

“Zombieland” – Gorand Dachev / exhibition of comic book boards

An exhibition of the comic book boards drawn by Gorand Dachev for the graphic novel “Zombielandupon a text by Emil Aleksiev. The story is a parody of the modern way of life. It’s inspired by urban mythology and popular culture. Written under the influence of pulps magazines, movie screens, science fiction and B-films, film noir, spicy/saucy TV programmes (soft porn), underground comic book, and from adventure, detective, and gangster novels full of unsolved murders and mysteries.

During the exhibition, the graphic novel too will be exhibited.

 “Maestro Denic live” – Aleksandar Denic / painting performance

Aleksandar Denic is an artist from Belgrade, Serbia, part of the Matrijarshija collective and a perennial friend of BOSH. A modern, traditional visual interpreter of pop cultures, he creates paintings that cause a huge number of comments from the crowd. Actively engaged in the region, he set his last independent exhibition at the Miodgrag Dado Djuric gallery in Cetinje, Montenegro, organised by the National Museum of Montenegro. What will our local culture inspire him to create?

 “Have You Seen a Bear”– Alice Laurichesse / exhibition of monotypes

Alice has a degree from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Paris. With interest in contemporary editions, she has so far published multiple art-books in riso, offset or digital, and collaborates with multiple collectives dealing with modern publishing. In the frames of her residence at Partisan Print, through research in the field of monotypes in silk-screen printing, she’s created the book “Have You Seen a Bear”, dedicated to the region of Azot and Mountain Hut Papradishte, especially to the team of Green Power, which looks after the hut, as well as after mountain marking of this region.

 “Eyes” – Ice Kapsarov / video installation

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is a common saying, which means that beauty doesn’t exist in and of itself, but rather it is created be those observing.

Ice Kapsarov has worked as a graphic designer for more than 15 years. His artistic work includes different projects, such as videos, installations, and digital prints.

Portron Portron Lopez & Friends – People and Friends / live

Portron Portron Lopez are an explosive trio from France. Their music is a living matter, an adrenaline mix of psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll, Afro-Caribbean rhythmic, and oriental trancefulness. They have a contagious energy and approach every concert, without reserves, all the way, like it’s their last. For the first time in Gevgelija.

Palms on a bare mountain.