logo_AE ART EQUILIBRIUM affirms the rationale for a dynamic, as much as balanced development of arts and culture, in urban context.
We believe that the right of quality arts and culture is one of the fundamental rights for each individual, throughout whose personal development, the totality of democratic, as well as socio-economic development of the urban community is also articulated.
As for that reason, the sensibilization to a kind of a different, and in many respects, a more qualitative creative expression from the one of the vulgarized triviality, is constantly, an actual priority…  Hence, the various forms of activism within the field of arts and culture, since the very beginnings in 2009, became an inevitable characteristic of our activities…

The determination as for securing a greater level of accessibility, in addition to an essential decentralization within the field of arts and culture in Macedonia in every sense, poses another starting point within the activities of the organization. The enthusiasm is specifically sublimed with reference to assuring a qualitative improvement of the cultural and artistic offer, specifically at local level…

Art Equilibrium is active in production and publishing, and cooperates with many domestic and foreign collectives from the fields of music, graphic arts, and literature.