I duhovi, Serbia (live)

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I duhovi is a band that appears in Belgrade, Serbia in the end of 2007. The members of the band are as follows: Milan Bogdanovic – vocal, guitar; Nemanja Subotic – guitar; Miroslav Cakic – bass, synthesizer, vocal. Their first album is called “Nizašta” and it was realized in January, 2012. The album name is the same as their official webpage, being operational still today. A year later, the band films their first video for this very same single and it instantly gets popular, hitting the top of the charts in Serbia and is played all over the national radio stations. The same year was realized the “Sint1” video. In March, 2015, the band publishes the single/video “Bela Zastava” (White Flag) which announces the new album of I duhovi that is in the phase of production. Would be tricky to pin down the genre of I duhovi. The band themselves could possibly comment they are alternative pop, but then chances are that this is incorrect.