About the festival

BOSH FESTIVAL is a multimedia platform that celebrates creative expressionisms in urban context… Or put differently, BOSH is an attempt for an estheticized articulation, and as much as deliberation, for the so-called ‘added value’ of the urban culture.

BOSH is a process of creation, of a typically different, extraordinary and unconventional, public space… A space, which is constantly, re-defined throughout the urban arts, or respectively, the arts in urban context… A space, which is unique and tangible enough, dynamic and pulsing, provocative and/or controversial… But most of all, open and accessible to everyone!
BOSH is an ‘invasion upon the spirit’, an act for marking distinctively, a cultural and esthetic, ‘free territory’! BOSH is a fusion and confusion, insofar as sensibilization and vulgarization too! BOSH is a linking-space, in search of one’s own time and needs…

Hence, if you consider yourself being free and creative enough, but most of all, a widely openhearted, then Gevgelija is the right place for you to be, from 26th to 27th August 2022.

During the three festival days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), there will be many, off-mainstream features (professional and amateur), such as theatre, music, poetry, films and video-art, exhibitions, workshops, and other forms of interdisciplinary, as well as unconventional artistic happenings. All the events are free of charge…

The first issue of BOSH FESTIVAL happened in 2009, in honor and memory of the late actor and poet, Bosko Bozadzievski (1981-2008). It is a tribute by few of his close friends.