BOSH Festival 2018
BOSH 10 Festival 24-26 of august, Gevgelija.

Programme BOSH 10

24.08.2018 Friday

16:00 “Ako umram il zaginam”- Art Brut (Serbia) + Multimedia center (Macedonia) / A drawing performance workshop / Public theatre
A drawing performance workshop, by Goran Stojcetovic from the Art Brut collective and the members of Multimedia. All participants, using spontaneous lines, scraps and handwriting, with music and informal mutual communication, during the festival will be creating a drawing to reflect the harmony in all the similarities and differences in opinions, emotions and attitudes. The “Deep drawing” method that is defined by Goran in 2015 and is applied by a team of Doctors of medicine in the psychiatric clinic, by the Military-medicine Academy in Belgrade, as with participants in open workshops in the Remount gallery in Belgrade, succeeds in a very fruitful psychologically-artistic expression , unites the art and psychology on the Balcans.
Multimedia center Gevgelija is an organization formed in 2007, by painters. The main goal of the organization is development and promotion of the cultural and artistic events with various actions, rise the public opinion about art and intercultural dialogue, using the enormous power of art through its media, to make changes in our society without violence. Active participants in all cultural sectors and promotion of all interactions regardless the ethnical, cultural and other barriers.

19:00 ”The Photocopy machine of Love” – Group exhibition / Public theatre
In celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Bosh Festival, artists from Macedoina and the region are invited to make visual art inspired by Boshko Bozadjievski and his poetry, uniting artists and their work in one concept and mutual subject.

The Photocopy machine of Love

Photocopy my heart
You Dickenson’s whore
And make me double
In A4

Boshko Bozadjievski

Artists: Bruno Tolic, Atanas Botev, Kristijan Krstevski, Jana Jakimovska, Elizabeta Lindner, Vladimir Lukash, Ivan Ivanovski, Toma Dimovski, Goran Stoicetovic, Mile Nicevski.

19:30 “Recollections” – Igor Toshevski (Macedonia) /Installation/ Public theatre

The installation is a kind of a cross section of the artists work, including a few of his key projects, such as the series of collages Topologies
(2018) exhibits for the first time in Macedonia. The center of his interests are borders, that Toshevski recognizes as ideological structures. The lines that mark certain space disappear , move with ease and get replaced, as in our own freedom of movement, creation and perception. And that is why, maybe this installation represents the humans of today, in search of himself – identity packed in a suitcase, variable, irregular.

20:00 “Sito I besno” – Matijarsija (Serbia)/ exhibition/ Public theatre

The In situ technique experiments are marked by lots of artists gathered in the Autonomous cultural center Matrijarsija and Fijuk network. The experiments are done without the usual preparation (technically), without plan and with reprinting method. Through the “lack of respect” for the rules of this graphic technique, these rules become obvious and naked. Each of this graphics is followed by certain hedonism that comes from the self contiguousness for the disrespect od the graphical procedures. This experiment don’t exist separated from the creative process, they don’t exist as a final painting. They are an exceptional trace in the material world by painting, composition and color. The composing process is momentary and visible. The predictability if ever possible, happens between the parts of the in-situ process, the lowering of the press, the pulling of the color and lifting the screen. That is why this works are followed by certain brutality and rawness, that is seen in the visual effect, the impossibility of a simple separation of all the layers and their relations. Recto vs verso, calf on forehead, liver on head, black on white, fragment on fragment. Experiments naturally contain some arrogance. When from the painting that has been created with layering fragments, you deduct a fragment and then later, incorporate it with other deducted fragments/wholes, each remains reaching out to it, but also rejecting it, while finding new contemplates.
Without authorization, no real copyrights, no questions, no arrangements, no manners. And the best of all, with no authors. Are the experiments the moments when a handyman becomes an artist? Or it is a zone where this question completely looses it’s meaning? This works have started their public exposure in the Halle Saint Piere museum in Paris 2017.

20:00 “fake/fact – the truth In art and literature in the time of fake news” and a special homage of poems by Bosko Bozadjievski – SlovoKult:: literARTour:: / multilingual multimedia literature event

Guest: the international festival of contemporary art and poetry/written text SlovoKult:: LiterARTour
Silvija Stecher(Gratz) and Ralph B.Korte (Berlin) – writers and editors of contemporary writing magazine Perspective (perspectives) Gratz, Austria.
Ilija Gjurovikj (Berlin/Podgorica) – a poet, writer, playwriter, editor and cofounder of the publishing house “Zuta kornjaca” from Podgorica, Montenegro.
Elizabeta Lindner Kostadinovska (Berlin/Skopje) – a poet, (multimedia) artist, writer, translator, editor in chief od SlovoKult:: Literatur/a, organizer of literature and other cultural events.
Thomas Antonic (Viena) – a poet, writer, publicist, PhD in Literature and biography writer of Volfgang Bauer, professor on School of poetry in Viena, musician, performer.
Silvija Lorenc (Berlin) – a sculptor, painter, performer (Psychotherapy)
James Din – Aleksandar Jestorovic (Berlin/Belgrade) – a painter, performer (Psychotherapy)
Macedonian participants: D.A.Lori, Aleksandar Kirkovski etc.
-Promotion of the contemporary writing magazine Perspective (perspectives) Gratz, Austria and announcement of the next issue, coming out this august.

21:30 Concerts – Public theatre

Ana Threat live (Austria)
Ana Threat brings you a world of haunted lo-fi garage scifi disco trash for loner bedroom dance parties. Wrap yourself and your invisible lover in tin-foil, put this record on your machine, and spin out into the glitterless extremities of the only Ana Threat to walk this universe.

D’Daltons live (Macedonia)
Definitely the best rockabilly Macedonian band. Since the 1994, and their number one hit in 1996 “1001st”, they made an album “De Luxe” for Avalon production in 2004, and currently they are working on their new EP. Members> Darko Keshkec-vocals, Viktor Gajtanovski-guitar, Vladimir Pavlovski-base, Andrej Atanasov-drums.

DJ set – DJ Jahvo (Croatia)
Garage bit, sint punk, ballads, bevandu, r’n’b, exotic, ska, hip hop. Expect some awesome music, just like you are on an after In Mochvara (A swamp) in Zagreb. This little devil is coming over for a second time in Gevgelija, this time directly from Croatian islands and is bringing us the scent of the sea and an atmosphere of a true summer camp – flirt, rhythm and freedom.

25.08.2018, Saturday

11:00 “BOSH Rechargeable” – Beaching on Sifulajka’s islands
BOSH Rechargeable is a performance – that we repeat on every issue of the festival, so far. It takes next to nothing, just to make an effort to let go and run downhill the mountain river Sifulajka.
Required: accumulated tiredness and urban summer heat, to soak in the rechargeable and cool water and also a team play spirit. Also a bathing suit, a towel and a manual insect repellent are optional.

17:00 “Ako umram il zaginam 2” (If I die or ge5t killed 2) Art Brut (Serbia) + Multimedia center (Macedonia) / drawing performance

19:00 “fake/fact – the truth In art and literature in the time of fake news” -SlovoKult:: literARTour:: /group exhibition/ Pioneer home
An exhibition of paintings by the Berlin artists:: Katrin Salentin, James Din, Silvia Lorenz, Hannah Hanenkemper, Elizabeta Lindner Kostadinovska; and the Macedonian artists: Dijana Tomikj Radevska, Gjorge Jovanovikj, Kasiopeja Naumoska, Vladimir Lukash, Doroti Pachkova, Kristijan Krsteski, Monika Moteska, Miro Masin and Toni Shulajkovaki.

19:30 “Abrakadabra” – Anna Ehrlemark (Sweden) / exhibition / Hammam

Anna Ehrlemark is a strip artist, illustrator and IT linguist. She was published all over Europe. Her strip collection “Winners” is published by the publishing house Floating World Comics in America, 2015. The exhibition ABRACADABRA is a presentation of works from her personal collection, from the last two years and connected to chants we use to invoke good or evil. She believes in the magical power of the words. The language is a collection of rules and with their help we can produce an endless line of meanings. Hocus pocus filijocus, ciribu ciriba, simsalabim, hax pax max deus adimax. The language is everything possible and what is not possible is not in the language. Magic is possible and language is possible because they contain eachother.

20:30 Promotion of films by Macedonian authors – Public Theatre

The children will come”– Ana Jakimska
Velika is a young teacher sent to teach children in a remote mountain village. As days go by, the children are nowhere to be found. The only human she meets in the village is an old lady, that works in the school. The young woman will face the cruelty of live and she will be forced to survive.

Dolores” – Radovan Petrovic
After one of their usual escapades, a couple find themselves locked in the bathroom of the National Opera. While waiting for a friend’s help, they are forced to face the problems that trouble them.

Down the paradise” – Sasha Stanisic
Ana, a 15 year old girl, replaces the SIM card from her phone, with that of her late grandfather. She starts to send messages to her family, using his number. But the seemingly joke turns against Ana.

Ambi” – Marija Apchevska
Ambi is a movie about the darkest hours but also about the brightest sun following them. A movie about the child in a grownup, and about the grownup in a child. A movie about attachment and betrayed trust, but also about the faith in humanity and love, that at the end conquers all.

21:30 Concerts – Public theater

Iva & the Toy George live (Serbia)
Iva & the Toy George is a solo project of Iva Stankovic from Belgrade, musician and producer based in Rome. Her live set includes the use of groove boxes, sizers, acoustic and digital percussions, vocal effects, creating a mix of sounds and genres that range from electro, dance, punk, hip hop and more exotic, Balkan and oriental sounds. Iva sings in a few different languages and sometimes creates words on her own.

Straight Jackin live (Serbija)
Straight Jackin is a Serbian rapcore band, founded at 1994 in Sankt Petersburg. In1996 they published their first album on a music tape, and the issue is being republished in 1997 on a CD. Since than, two more albums have been published and currently they are working on the fourth. This performance in Gevgelija is a celebration of their 25th anniversary.

DJ set – Denny Trajkov/Mosaik Kollektif
Eclecticism [ɪˈklɛktɪsɪz(ə)m] is the pseudonym adopted by Denny Trajkov; born and raised in Gevgelija. Denny’s music collection is built on the pillars and trends that have kept our ears pricked for the last three decades. His rich and delectable taste for electronic music allows him to weave together colourful sets and tell-tale stories. As part of Mosaik Kollektif Denny works on various studio productions with releases for labels such as Logos Recordings (Skopje, MK), Night Drive Music (DE), Roundabout Sounds (US), Quarter Notes (US). Mosaik Kollektif also runs several event projects with artists such as Stojche, Lapien, Artefakt, Palms Trax, Shanti Celeste and Johannes Volk.

26.08.2018, Sunday

11:00 „BOSH Rechargeable 2“ – Beaching on Sifulajka’s islands

18:00 “Shlap” – collective Windmill / kid’s creative workshop / The square infront of the Public theater
The Windmill collective is created to encourage personal development, through working in groups and use of the creative energy, by acting techniques, using music, theatre and puppets. In Windmill collective the approach is horizontal, cooperation and responsibility in sharing knowledge and ideas. Guided by the need of continuous questioning of the personal and collective values, we believe that art reflects everyday life and a basic tool in finding and knowing oneself and his surroundings. The theme of the workshop on BOSH Festival, will be solidarity. What does “Summer word” stand for? What it means to be a pioneer in today’s times?

19:00 “Ako umram il zaginam” – Art Brut (Serbia) + Multimedia center (Macedonia) A drawing performance exhibition / Public theatre
The title of the performance “Ako umram il zaginam” (If I die or get killed) speaks about the desire to have a better insight and to initialize a process of self-search of the unconscious, suppressed emotions and thoughts in an atmosphere of huge social and political tension. What if..
The result of the three-day workshop, under the mentorship od Goran Stojcetovic, in cooperation with the members of Multimedia center, will be displayed in the hammam’s art gallery, insisting on inspiring the freedom in artistic expression, while contributing the contemporary art scene in Macedonia.

20:30 “Dzgan” – Vardan Tozija /a movie (Macedonia) / Public theatre
Dzgan is a movie about a series of cruel conditions turn a quiet and calm little boy into a cruel, noncompromising leader of a group of children in an orphanage, rejected by society. Together they take revenge to the world behind their walls that has only lead them to pain and suffering. The world where there is a name for people like him – Dzgan.

22:00 Concerts – Public theatre

Moussaka live (Serbia)
Moussaka is a spicy mixture of California surf vibes and YU pop-folk hits, from the end of the last century. It was created as a side project of two musicians from Belgrade – Petar Zivic (Threesome) and Igor Mitic (Teski zulum) and soon they are recognized as a band with energetic performances.

DJ set “Vinil fetish” – Mirko Popov (Macedonia)
Top quality music selection by one of the most famous Macedonian djs and a true electro pioneer in Macedonian music.

• Video support on the festival (Vj): Video Podgorec