K.N.N.T. (МК)

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K.N.N.T. (MK) is an atypical band coming from Skopje, Macedonia. Its members are Marko Janev (Drums & Vocal) and Ivan Trajchev (Synths & Vocal). The band was initially formed in 2010 by Marko, who had played on improvised drums, and Ivan, on bass guitar. Since its beginnings, the band continually transformed its sound. Their sound was more industrial, and they featured two more members: Filip Velkovski (Guitar) and Nikola Angjelovski (Vocal). Eventually, this formation of the band dissolved, however, Marko and Ivan kept on working together. They focused more on the electronic vibe, which made the essential of what K.N.N.T. resembles today. In 2013, they poured in all of their accumulated experienced into a more serious project, and that marked a new beginning of K.N.N.T.