Bolesna Štenad (SRB)

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Bolesna Stenad[Oh yes! First teaser is first teaser!] It’s official – Bolesna Štenad (Lama, Kiza, Flopii Džeb), the band who was created in 2010, and already have a big number of concerts conducted throughout Serbia and the region will be part of BOSH 8 (26 – 28 August, 2016).

Their album “Loše, Loše” (2011) was recorded in the Underground i Srbijashumex studios; montage was done by Marko Jovanović, and as producer it was Nikola Vranjković (ex Block Out) to appear. He was also the producer of the band’s second album, “Desiće se lepe stvari” (Good things are to happen) that was released at the end of February 2016 through the RockSvirke Records.

Having in mind that there is fed-up from punk, that the dark age of monotony presides over, these guys and a girl on drums, from Belgrade, are going counter such statement – they have kept their own authentic sound, rich distorsion and strong hitting of the drums. –Arturo Bandini (Fanzin Princip)

When the local punk will be liberated from sectarian and sub-genre divisions, when it is to be cleansed from ideologies and pretensions to change the status quo of the society and the universe – it could sound quite good
–Uroš Smiljanić (

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