Igor Hristov “Traffic life” – documentary film

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The documentary “Traffic Life” follows the story of 6 different jugglers who are performing their show next to traffic lights in the capital Santa Cruz of the Tenerife Islands. In this way, the artists manage to find space for their expression in a sort of non-standard urban context such is the centre of the street. With their performance, the artists surpass the barrier of the capitalism, and in the same time they make the people happy.

Director, camera and scenario: Igor Hristov; Roles: Mila Ivanova, Kalina Hristova, Luiza Dushkova, Filip Harlanov, Goran Ivanetich, Chizko Franchesko and Baster, the dog. ;

Montage: Cvetelin Jolov;
Music: Plamen Zafirov, Kliment Dichev, Boris Nenov;
Martin Roots production – Salta Film Production;
Duration: 25 mins / black-and-white and colour;
Countries: Spain, Bulgaria, Macedonia; Year: 2015